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The Discover Vermilion Community is an online social hub for Vermilion Ohio residents and visitors to connect, share and communicate without the noise and clutter of the giant social media networks...and built just for Vermilion, Ohio.

Follow posts, join conversations, share photos, find events, join a group, create a poll, ask a question. You're in control of what you see and what you share. It's an online community for Vermilionites by Vermilionites.

You can join as an individual, a business or organization, or both!

Why You Should Join Discover Vermilion Community

  • Get connected. Meet people who share your interests, who live near you, who do the same things, and who care about the same topics.
  • Share. Swap stories, experiences, photos and ideas about Vermilion, Ohio.
  • Get answers. Navigate Vermilion Ohio topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google).
  • Have an impact. Actively contribute to the Vermilion Ohio Community we're building online and in real life so that together we can have a positive impact on Vermilion.
  • Make better decisions. Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.
  • Find inspiration. Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

Why We Built The Vermilion Community For You

We created the Vermilion Ohio Community to bring together Vermilion Ohio residents and visitors in a way that’s focused, valuable, and — most importantly — all our own. There’s no question it’s a different approach. And a new one which may have a bit of a learning curve. We could have created a group somewhere else, but we chose this path for a few key reasons:


Best of all, it’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features for creating exclusive Vermilion Ohio content, deeper conversations, richer polls, and online or in-real-life events. Plus, we have a great platform that will make us smarter and faster about what’s working for you, and what’s not. There are more ways to introduce people who are near each other, who fall into the same categories, and who care about the same topics. You can’t get that in the giant social networks.


Come join us in the Vermilion Ohio Community. This is a moment to build something more potent, powerful, and passionate than anything we’ve seen to date. We can’t wait to see where you — and we — take it together.

Stop Scrolling, Start Connecting

In theory, Facebook connects you to a universe of 1.8 billion people. But in practice, as several studies have shown, you only interact with around 150 of them — the people you already know.

A social network should allow you to meet people with the same passions as you. Facebook, however, makes it relatively hard to discover new people, focusing instead on matching up people who already know each other, or showing you information about new people in the larger context of Facebook, and not within a specific subject matter. Have you ever been scolded by Facebook for trying to friend someone you don't already know?

Facebook connects people who know each other, and makes money holding back information about people’s interests to sell to advertisers. This means that Facebook isn’t exactly motivated to introduce you to new people around the things you may have in common.

Vermilion Ohio Community is determined to recapture what social networks were intended to be — a way for us to forge meaningful connections with new people around the interests that are most important to us. You will have a much higher degree of control over what happens. The emphasis is connecting you to others who are like you, near you, and have similar interests.

Let’s Dive In!

You might be asking yourself what’s the best way to get started here. The answer is simple. Add your first Post by telling us what you're most excited about right now. We can’t wait to be inspired by your Post!

3 Things to Do First

  • Introduce Yourself. Go to your Profile Page to add a mini-bio and a quick introduction. It should take you less than a minute and you’ll immediately start to see people like you in your feed.
  • Post One Thing You’re Excited About Right Now. Sharing your first Post is easy. Just write the one thing you’re most excited about right now.
  • Explore Discovery. It might take you a minute to find your way around the Vermilion Ohio Community, but you can always see what’s popular from Discovery, or click on the Search icon at any time.

Because the Vermilion Ohio Community lives outside the distractions and noise of other platforms, it’s all our own.

What You Should Expect From The Community

We're aiming to make your experience here awesome. We want you to get a few key things from Vermilion Ohio Community:

  • Get connected. Meet people who share your interests, who live near you, who do the same things, and who care about the same topics.
  • Share. Swap stories, experiences, photos and ideas about Vermilion, Ohio.
  • Get answers. Navigate Vermilion Ohio topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google).
  • Have an impact. Actively contribute to the Vermilion Ohio Community we're building online and in real life so that together we can have a positive impact on Vermilion.
  • Make better decisions. Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.
  • Find inspiration. Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

To make this a reality, we’re going to need your help. Every time you contribute a story, photo, experience, or idea, you’re building a knowledge base every member of this community can tap into. And when you invite in as few as two new members, you’re adding rocket fuel to what this community can accomplish together. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Top Reasons To Join Us In Building Vermilion Ohio Community


When we have our own community, built around our own passion, we can begin to take control over the noise, clutter, and all out war for everyone's attention that’s vital to fuel advertising revenue on big social media. This isn’t just about getting your time back, but also reclaiming your joy, openness, and perspective. Connections and a sense of belonging aren’t built in 1.7 seconds — or what’s considered a “view” on Facebook. They are built when you get to meet new people around a shared purpose — people near you, like you, or interested in learning about the same topics you are.


Fewer distractions may sound a bit scary (how will you fill the time?), but, in practice, choosing an open road is just more fun. When we build this new community together, it will be like hosting a party. We get to imagine something new and bring it to life. Bringing people together and making connections they otherwise wouldn’t find is one of the most meaningful experiences. And the purpose of the Vermilion Ohio Community is to make it easy and fast to connect, share, learn and explore.


One of the greatest myths that keeps us chained to Facebook is that moving to a new community will be a ton of work. It used to be, but that has changed. The Vermilion Ohio Community is a community with purpose and’s energy-producing. It gives local-social meaning, where mindlessly scrolling through a feed of clickbait headlines does not. Members can hang out with like-minded people without worrying that Big Brother is watching, listening, or scheming how to inject something into the conversation to make them engage (and, of course, make them money). It's a whole new, compelling and meaningful experience that sits in sharp contrast to fighting algorithms and exposing ourselves to potent psychological warfare.


One of the many reasons we all feel exhausted by today’s social media options is that somehow our entire lives are supposed to happen in one very blue and white feed. Looking at the same thing for hours (especially a rapidly moving stream controlled by algorithms none of us quite understand) is not a natural state for any of us. What’s beautiful about the Vermilion Ohio Community is that it’s ours. We can build it into anything we want.


Meeting people who believe in your idea or want to be a member of your tribe is the biggest rush. You’ll be stoked to wake up in the morning when you see how your ideas spark others to assemble and engage. Getting the word out about being part of the Vermilion Ohio Community is easy. Start with your friends, current followers, and a clear ask. From there, we'll build a vibrant community, as long as we share. For the first time in a long time, everyone is ready for something new.


This is where a local online community gets the most interesting. As we introduce people to each other, what we’re building gets more valuable and useful to each and every person who joins. It’s no longer about yelling out into a feed whizzing by, but rather hosting a party where people meet each other. TRULY meet each other. When we spark a relationship between people who connect on a meaningful level, there is really no better feeling out there. It’s not just networking, it’s life.


Creating a group in the Vermilion Ohio Community can be so much more effective than a group on giant social media or a blog. Rather than show up only to read your stuff and move on, people can connect because they have the same interests, they live near each other, or they care about the same topics. There’s simply nothing like it.


The sad fact of social media today is that even when you show up to post, share, or take a stand, the products are so finely tuned to mindless scrolling, it’s sometimes hard to remember the reason you went there in the first place. When you participate in an online community without the distractions of the social media giants, on your terms around something important to you, you can be part of growing and engaging in a community with whom you can open up and share, sharpen your focus, and use your time more wisely.

Code Of Conduct

We're all here to connect and share. Therefore, we need your help to keep this community strong and useful. These guidelines were created to ensure that together we're creating a place that’s welcoming, inclusive, and valuable for everyone. With that in mind, we ask that you keep these principles in mind when you post.

Focus on knowledge sharing, not giving out advice.

There are plenty of places online where we can dole out our expert opinions. We want to instead foster an environment where healthy debate is encouraged and everyone is celebrated for sharing their questions, stories, and perspectives. Our goal is to connect and share. That can only happen when we are committed to collaboration and true knowledge sharing.

Be respectful.

Please be kind and constructive when you add a new post, ask a question, or comment on someone else's contribution. Snark or spam will be deleted immediately.

Provide context.

We love it when our members share links and resources. If you do, add some commentary or give us some context so that we can understand more about why you care about this particular topic or article.

A little promotion goes a long way.

We want you to promote your Vermilion Ohio business or cause! For everyone to get the most out of the Vermilion Ohio Community, please just don’t get carried away and mindlessly post about your latest work or promote your idea. Please add all business promotions under the topic "Ve
rmilion Ohio Businesses". 

Have questions? We're here.

If you see a post in the feed that violates our guidelines, flag it! Our Community Hosts will step in to contact the member privately or remove the offending post.

Beyond Facebook

We don’t need to rehash all the ways Facebook went from fun to creepy. Much of the world is realizing that the novelty and connection Facebook offered in its early days is gone. In its place is that constant feeling that it’s 3 am in a casino when we’d like to stop playing the slot machines, but can’t quite do it.

The answer isn’t to continue to focus on all the ways Facebook has let us down. The more important question at this moment is what are we going to build in its place?

We are getting a social do-over. And while it will take time, it can’t happen fast enough.

We need an entirely new approach to social media. One that doesn’t rely on a few centrally controlled platforms, but unlocks a new level of creativity, belonging, connection, and opportunity for everyone. It's time to move beyond a social network that relies increasingly on a mysterious, apparently easy-to-manipulate Artificial Intelligence designed to skim as much information as possible about us so it can be sold to the highest bidder.

We want you to join us in creating a new, local online community...Vermilion Ohio Community.

Why Businesses & Organizations Should Join Vermilion Ohio Community

It's time for a new social media playbook. For today’s entrepreneurs and social media marketers, the platforms that you once loved no longer love you back.

The numbers are staggering. 73% of all digital marketing and advertising dollars today are spent with Facebook and Google. And according to AdStage, during the first six months of 2017 alone the average cost per 1,000 ad impressions on Facebook increased 171 percent, and the average cost per click increased 136 percent. Worse, once you acquire these fans and followers, according to the IAB and Pivotal Research, you can only reach 1–2% of them organically without now paying more money to boost your posts. And those views you pay for count at only 1.7 seconds!

Not only is it dramatically more expensive to acquire new fans and followers on Facebook now, once you do, you have to keep paying to engage them. You're paying for your followers, then paying to reach those followers you already paid for. And just how effective is that reach at only 1.7 seconds?

So, what’s keeping you heavily investing everything you’ve got on Facebook today? The same three, well-tread myths keep each of us playing a game that Facebook is winning at. You might recognize a few of these. Any one of these is likely keeping you from realizing your full social media potential.

Myth #1: Everyone is already on Facebook. I have to engage my users where they want to be.

The beautiful thing about exploring options beyond Facebook is that you already have a presence on Facebook. You have a following that you can move to a more effective platform. You don't have to completely abandon Facebook, but having a presence on Facebook doesn’t mean that you have to buy into the fallacy of engagement on Facebook. As engagement has gone from free to paid, and new algorithms reduce your footprint even further, breaking the habit of attempted fan engagement on Facebook Pages and Groups is step #1 to a better, more effective (and cheaper) engagement strategy. The savviest among us today understand Facebook is great for continued acquisition, but the faster you can funnel your engagement work off Facebook, the better.

Myth #2: My users won’t login to something new.

Once you get past Myth #1, Myth #2 hits you like a ton of bricks. The idea for many of creating something off Facebook where your fans and followers can meet each other in fresh and new ways is both exhilarating and terrifying. You have so worked hard to capture people’s attention and stay relevant to them in a newsfeed (where a view counts at 1.7 seconds) that you are nothing short of a social gladiator at this point. The idea of even one of your Facebook followers accusing you of creating work for them — by asking them to go somewhere new — feels like failure.

But this is simply not true. When you connect your users in new and more valuable ways that benefit them more outside the noise and clutter of the Facebook newsfeed than within it, your fans and followers will try it and thrive. To be sure, it won’t be everyone, but off Facebook you have new opportunities to create super fans when you can: Connect users to each other by location and category; Allow users to deeply engage, contribute and collaborate; Connect users to each other by the topics they care about and provide opportunities for other community-focused activities.

Where you drive people off Facebook has got to be awesome. It has to get more valuable with each new person who joins (which isn’t a static website, ancient forum, or email list), and it’s got to be right there on their phones when they want it (read: native mobile). In the Vermilion Ohio Community, you can organically engage your users in ways Facebook has made impossible.

Myth #3: I'm already overwhelmed. I can’t take on something new.

You're overwhelmed today because the social media brands you know and (used to) love have made it absurdly difficult to engage your followers. With smarter, better options beyond Facebook, you can get  your time back. Yet, this is incredibly difficult for someone on the front lines juggling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to see. How can you possibly trust an alternative that promises less work for better, deeper, and more meaningful relationships between fans and followers?

The answer is simple. Because unlike Facebook, the Vermilion Ohio Community takes on the mechanics of your audience engaging with each other, allowing you to get out of the way and spend your time dreaming up new and awesome things to promote your business or cause.

The time is now.

We started Vermilion Ohio Community for Vermilion entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, local residents and visitors to meet and learn from each other. While we still keep a presence on Facebook, we will engage our followers almost exclusively in the Vermilion Ohio Community. We encourage you to consider doing the same.

There’s something magical that happens when you build a dedicated community on the web, on mobile, and in the real world for those you serve. There’s an energy, purpose, and passion to the community that can’t be crushed or corrupted.

More importantly, it’s simply less work. As you focus on growing and engaging a community powered by humans with whom you can open up and share, you sharpen your focus, you use your time more wisely, and you’ll have energy for days.

Why You Should Move Your Group To Vermilion Ohio Community

In one short decade, Facebook – the social network – has connected nearly two billion people around the world, more than any other technology in history. It’s achieved this feat by networking people one college dorm, one extended family, and one group of friends at a time.

Facebook is phenomenal for keeping up with the people you know. It creates a sense of intimacy as people post about their lives. But Facebook doesn’t support finding, meeting and breaking the ice with people who are on the same path as you — people who live near you, share the same passions, have the same interests. Dedicated social networks solve that issue. Vermilion Ohio Community is a dedicated social network built by Vermilionites for Vermilionites.

The Vermilion Ohio Community is built from the ground up to connect you to others around "deep interests". Deep interests are the things that bring us together and break down barriers. Try using a Facebook Group to build relationships around a deep interest, and see how far you get.

Participating in groups used to have the power that could change the trajectory of your life – they captured knowledge, so you made better decisions; they encouraged friendship, support, and solidarity, so you kept going and didn’t feel so alone; and they motivated, recognized and inspired, so you took more risks. But Facebook Groups now make all of these things harder than they should be. Facebook's goal is to keep you coming back to Facebook with updates from people you know, not make new, meaningful connections with new people you don’t.

It’s nearly impossible to organize a deep interest via Facebook’s nonstop News Feed, even with Groups. The News Feed forces us to blast out messages, hoping to capture someone’s attention at that moment. And member profiles aren’t specific to the context of a Group or why you are there. All the benefits of deep interests – community, context, knowledge, friendships, solidarity and motivation – are scrubbed out of Facebook, even with Groups.

Most of us aren't immune to the addictive qualities of the News Feed, or how frustrating Facebook Groups can be. For any one thing you may care about, there are hundreds of other things your friends and connections want you to care about. And all of these posts are fighting for your attention in the News Feed. The answer is a quick “like” or “share” before moving on to the next update. It doesn’t give you time to stop, think, and act in a way that – if coordinated – could have a bigger impact.

The Vermilion Ohio Community is designed for deep interests. We’ve made Vermilion Ohio Community the very best way to meet people around shared local interests – both the interests that you choose, and the interests that choose you. We use breakthrough algorithms and smart technology to connect members by location, by the topics they choose, and by the categories they define. Even better, with everything for an interest in one place, you can always get back to the content, conversations, and members that are important to you.

Vermilion Ohio Community is designed to mirror the very best elements of groups in real-life with the added features now possible with a supercomputer in our pocket. And your personal information, and the personal information of your members, isn't sold to the highest bidder.

We spend so much time poking away on social media because ultimately it's not very satisfying. We keep scrolling and liking because we're trying to get something that those info snacks just can't give us. An entire industry of some of the brightest minds out there design these feeds to be something that you stay in no matter what. It's time to move past this sense of social networks and feeds as digital slot machines. It's going to be a transition, because this stuff's designed to be addictive. But it will be well worth it!