Brownhelm Heritage Church Used As Filming Location For Liam Neeson Movie

Brownhelm Historical Association's (BHA) Brownhelm Heritage Church was picked as a filming location for a new Liam Neeson movie. The film is being shot in Ohio and New Mexico.

BHA volunteers stored museum artifacts from the church, with help from the film crew, and brought all the pews back in to stage the building for the movie shoot. Volunteers were greeted by Liam Neeson the day of the shoot.

"Years ago the Ohio Film Commission contacted Bonnie Cutcher as they needed an old country church, but we weren’t selected," stated Marilyn Brill of the Brownhelm Historical Association. "This time, about 2 months ago, we were asked again to check out the old church by two individuals, then another group of six came out, and last of all about 23 from their group by then we knew this was serious!"

Brownhelm Historical Association was asked to keep it quiet.

Liam Neeson's new movie, The Minuteman, follows a rancher who is a retired Vietnam veteran that defends a young Mexican boy who enters the U.S. while desperately fleeing cartel assassins. The film also stars Katheryn Winnick and Juan Pablo Raba.

Neeson and the film crew have also been spotted in Cleveland, Parma, Wellington, Portage County and other Lorain County locations.