Cassell Reservation Metro Park In Vermilion To Expand To 350 Acres

At the Vermilion Municipal Planning Commission meeting on August 7, 2019, Don Kasych, from the Lorain County Metro Parks Board, reported that the Lorain County Metro Parks was granted approval to purchase 104 acres in Vermilion with Clean Ohio Funds. The grant was an 80/20 split. The acreage will be added to the 155 acre Cassell Reservation donated to the Lorain County Metro Parks by three families; acquired without the use of the tax payer’s money. The wooded park is located about two miles east of downtown Vermilion.

The Metro Parks wishes to acquire all the 104 acre property except for a 1.75-acre section holding a cell tower. Indemnifications state the Metro Parks cannot legally accept the part of the property housing a cell tower lease, so they must split the property. The remaining 102 acres will be an expansion of the Cassell Reservation, making the entire Reservation around 350 acres. It will stretch from Highbridge Road to Sunnyside, with an additional two parcels on the east side of Sunnyside Road.

Michele Yeh, Attorney for the Kinchen Trust and trustee of the property, stated additional land might be necessary to divide frontage and access to the roadway, requiring a ¼ acre contribution from the present owner of the parcel. Yeh said as part of the transaction they had a verbal commitment from the cell tower company that if they provide this segregated parcel with appropriate access then they will release the remainder of the Kinchen parcel from any of the conditions of the cell tower lease to enable the Park Board to have unrestricted use.

Additional items will need to be provided, according to the City Engineer. Don Kasych said they have legal descriptions and a survey and will be back next month to include this small parcel.

The Commission granted conditional approval based upon the Lorain County Metro Parks submitting the required documentation.

The Cassell Reservation property was donated to the Lorain County Metro Parks by the Cassell family, the Campana family and the Jursinski family. The park will be developed to match the needs of the community, including walking trails and lakes and preservation of all the nature that is possible on this land.