Chalk It Up - A Little Different, But Still Full Of Colorful Chalk Art

It’s back and a little different, but still full of colorful chalk art created by artists and creative people in our community. Chalk it Up takes place in Victory Park Vermilion in downtown Vermilion, Ohio on Saturday, August 1, 2020 from 10 am to 3 pm. Join Main Street Vermilion at Victory Park where more than 40 works will be on display for your enjoyment.

Artists will be creating and submitting their work for display in this social distancing friendly event - featuring a delightful one-way walking path and the chalk art spaced out to honor personal safety guidelines. Everyone is welcome to join in this free event. You’ll leave feeling inspired to create something colorful and beautiful.

Before you leave, shop and dine in Vermilion. Vermilion restaurants and stores are honoring, and sensitive, to the social distancing practices.

Are you an artist looking for a reason to create something beautiful? Main Street Vermilion would welcome your contribution to Chalk it Up! Contact Main Street Vermilion for details. They provide the supplies, you supply the talent!

Photo Credit: Main Street Vermilion