City Hall Opens, As Well As New Businesses

At the Vermilion City Council meeting on Monday, June 15, 2020 Mayor Jim Forthofer stated office staff are back in City Hall.

“City Hall has opened. Finance, Building and Utilities have performed well from home, returning all calls with a little more turnaround time because of our outdated phone system and keeping billing, permits, and financial projects moving. I will be glad to have them back.”

City Hall visitors are asked to wear a mask and be in good health. City personnel will be wearing masks when dealing with the public, as well as maintaining six-foot distancing. 

The mayor also reported on new businesses opening in Vermilion. 

• A gourmet cupcake shop has opened on Main Street. Brenda Bals is in partnership with Diana Machock of Poppin’ Around. Specialty baked goods and popcorn all in the same place. 

• Coal and Ice Station amusement and hot dogs opens June 22 at Washington and Liberty across from Ritter Library. Hot dogs, ice cream and family entertainment in a Vermilion themed park is the creation of Dan and Laura Roth and family. The Roth’s are collaborating with Joe Jesko and Jeremy Crawford of Pavilion Grill. 

• Ken Smith, owner of Railway Barber Shop, is planning to open a barber shop in the old Bailey Hardware on Grand Street. His shop in Avon has a railroad theme and serves both men and women. Smith is a Vermilion resident. Plans for Railway Barbershop’s renovation are being reviewed by the Building Department.

“It will be nice to have that space occupied by a quality service business again,” said the mayor.