City Hiring Freeze, No Resources For Helping Small Businesses

During the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, April 20, 2020 Mayor Forthofer announced a City of Vermilion hiring freeze.

“Effective immediately, the City is under a full-time employee hiring freeze,” stated the mayor. “The freeze will remain until further notice. All projects, not already funded, are under review.”

The mayor stated city mayors are petitioning congress for emergency stabilization funds to be included in the next federal relief package. The proposed stabilization funds would be used to offset the cities’ income tax revenue shortfall.

“No word back from Congress yet,” said the mayor.

The mayor also stated he is asked occasionally if the City will provide financial relief to small businesses in town that are in danger of failing.

“The City does not have that kind of resources,” stated the mayor. “I do help them find the application to Small Business Administration programs. The Chamber of Commerce and Main Street also help businesses access available State and Federal programs, though I hear that some of them are either out of money or difficult to get an application through.”

Mayor Forthofer said the Governor announced that the schools would be continuing to operate remotely until the end of the school year. Therefore, they physically won’t return to school for this term.