City Pool Will Not Open Memorial Day Weekend

Following a Community Pool subcommittee meeting, and a Parks & Recreation Board meeting, it has been decided that the City Pool will not open Memorial Day weekend.

“With the current state of the world being what it is, the Parks Board, the mayor, and our pool subcommittee have decided that we will not be opening on Memorial Day weekend,” stated Bob Cunicella, pool manager. “We all feel like we will go with whatever directive we are given by both our governor, Dewine, and the Ohio Department of Health.”

A recommendation of when the pool should open this year, if at all, is expected to be made during a May 12 meeting.

“The best case scenario would be June 13th, or July 1st,” stated Cunicella. “The worst case scenario would be that we do not open at all. While I am not in favor of the last option, no one can possibly know what will be facing at that time. However, as I already stated, we will follow the orders of our state leader and the ODH.”

Cunicella stated he will update Vermilion residents as updates become available. If the pool does open this year, he and staff will do all they can to schedule swim lessons - both Rotary and general lessons.