City Water Plant Upgraded To A Full License To Operate

During the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, April 20, 2020 Tony Valerius, Service Director, discussed the City’s Water Plant.

Nearly 4 1⁄2 years ago, the City of Vermilion received a letter from the Ohio EPA summarizing the results of a Sanitary Survey that had been conducted at the City’s Water Plant. In short, the letter stated that “either major upgrades to the water treatment plant, or connection to an approved public water system, is needed to ensure reliable and safe water is provided to your customers.” Also included was a list of 34 Significant Deficiencies, Violations and Recommendations that needed resolved in order to continue the operation of the Water Plant.

“The Plant also received a Conditional License to Operate, which means that the EPA would allow us to operate provided we immediately began correcting the most critical violations and met timelines that they set for the work to be completed,” stated Valerius. “I must stress that none of the violations were a result of the quality of water distributed out into the system, but rather for dated technology and lack of replacement parts at the plant, and the maintenance, due to age, of the plant and distribution system.”

Since receiving that letter over four years ago, the City has worked diligently to correct every deficiency, every violation and every feasible recommendation the EPA issued, according to Valerius.

“Unfortunately, it did require us to add an EPA fee to all water accounts, but we have substantially upgraded our plant and its systems, and we have begun replacing the most critical water mains in the City as part of our 10-year water main replacement program developed by the City Engineer,” said Valerius. “I am proud to announce that I recently received our annual license from the EPA, and we have been upgraded from a conditional to a full license to operate. I would like to acknowledge the distribution employees and water plant operators for their hard work, as well as the water plant maintenance relief operator and the City’s water plant superintendent, Eugene Baker who all contributed to the goal of obtaining this full license to operate.”