Coal & Ice Station Opens In Downtown Vermilion

Coal & Ice Station, offering hot dogs and ice cream, has opened in downtown Vermilion, Ohio.

"Hot dogs, ice cream and family entertainment in a Vermilion themed park is the creation of the Dan and Laura Roth and family," stated Mayor Forthofer. "The Roth’s are collaborating with Joe Jesko and Jeremy Crawford of Pavilion Grill, so those dogs are going to be special."

“We are so excited to add another family friendly attraction to Vermilion!” stated owners Dan and Laura Roth. In addition to offering food, the business will feature movie nights, outdoor games, exclusive sailboat seating, and more.

The business features unique nostalgic signage that is fun and quirky, providing photo opportunities for patrons. It also features a gemstone mining setup on the property.

Dan Roth said they used to visit Geneva on the Lake and it has that old summer town amusement park feel, and this is what he was shooting for. He wants it to be a roadside tourist attraction.

The building, originally called the Coal and Ice Weigh Station, is an historic weigh station building that was moved from behind the Old State Street School House on Rt 60 to its new location on Liberty Avenue in downtown Vermilion. The historic structure was used as an ice and coal weigh station in the 1800s, and was used by Hull Coal and Supply in the 1940s, according to Dan Roth. It was originally located near the railroad tracks on Main Street. The building had been behind the State Street School for over 30 years waiting for a new purpose.

The Board of Trustees of the Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. decided in late 2017 that the organization had not been able to rehabilitate the building, and that it was unlikely that they would have sufficient resources for the rehabilitation to happen. The board offered the building to anyone who was able to move and re-purpose the structure for $100.00, or free to any non-profit organization or government entity.

ADT Construction moved the building to its new location, a challenging task.