Coronavirus - What You Need To Know

There is currently an international viral outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus. Lorain County Public Health offers this information regarding the virus:

  • There are currently no known cases in Ohio.
  • Unless you have recently traveled to China, or have been around someone sick with this new virus, your risk of getting sick is near zero.
  • There is no need to change any routine activities or behaviors at this time.

Follow these steps to help prevent all infectious diseases, including flu:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve or tissue when you sneeze or cough
  • Avoid close contact (touching or shaking hands) with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands
  • Stay home when you are sick - use this guide to help you decide

If you have traveled recently to Wuhan, China, or had close contact with someone who has or may have the novel coronavirus, you should...

  • Monitor your health for 14 days. Day 1 is the day you first traveled or had close contact with someone sick with the novel coronavirus.
  • Check for symptoms of the novel coronavirus: fever, coughing, shortness of breath, chills, body aches, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and runny nose.
  • If steps #1 and #2 apply to you, next call your doctor, urgent care, or hospital - they will give you instructions.