Erie Shore Wave Runners Moving To Port Lorain

Erie Shore Wave Runners has officially partnered with Oasis Marinas. One of the leading marina management companies in the US, Oasis Marinas has recently expanded to the Great Lakes and taken over operations at Port Lorain and North Coast Harbor in Cleveland. Erie Shore Wave Runners has been invited to establish an attraction on their property at Port Lorain. With this partnership comes unlimited dock space and access to a building for Erie Shore Wave Runners. 

Erie Shore Wave Runners will be moving from its trailer at Captain's Corner in Vermilion to a 3,000 square foot office and garage at Port Lorain. It will be taking over the building behind the restaurant/clubhouse that used to be the main office under previous management. One half of the building will give rental clients access to a new Erie Shore Wave Runners storefront with changing rooms, restroom facilities, air conditioned lounge for check-in/lessons, and much more. 

The second half of the property will be dedicated to the next chapter of the Erie Shore brand. Launching in 2021 will be Erie Shore Body & Detail. Does your jet ski need fiberglass work done? Would you like to have your skis detailed before putting them away for the Winter? Then Erie Shore is the place to go! More information coming soon.

While this is incredibly exciting for Erie Shore Wave Runners, it was not an easy decision. The business owners love Vermilion, but have outgrown the marina they are currently at. Erie Shore Wave Runners needs to add more skis to the fleet and there's only so much room to go around. They looked at numerous options, and when Oasis Marinas contacted them they couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Erie Shore Wave Runners thanks all of its amazing clients and looks forward to sharing with you everything it has planned for next season and beyond.