Friends of Harbour Town Cancels All Summer Events

The Friends of Harbour Town 1837 has decided to take the summer off. All park events organized by Friends of Harbour Town through the end of September 2020 are indefinitely postponed until next year (2021).

“We will be moving forward with the U.S. Flag project and they should all be in place by next week, weather permitting,” stated K. Baughman, President of Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. “We will continue to work on our other projects and have several planned improvements for the Commodore's Place and the Old State Street School rehabilitation. Things are currently in the works to help make it possible, so stay tuned for future updates.”

“We see this action as a responsible decision, not only for ourselves but for the safety and well being of all our friends,” said Baughman. “It is much like standing at a crosswalk and waiting for the light to change. When it does, we will all get to the other side of this... safely, and most importantly, together.”