Germans Villa Feeding National Guard, Vermilion Police & Grace's Kitchen

Cliff German, owner of Germans Villa in Vermilion, Ohio, thanks the community for its continued support. German announced Germans Villa will be feeding the National Guard, the Vermilion Police, and Grace's Kitchen this week.

“We have a community that cares,” stated German. “That is evident through the gift certificates purchased, and monies donated by people trying to help those less fortunate in our wonderful town.”

Tuesday, March 30, Germans Villa will be feeding the National Guard unit stationed at the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, who are away from their families while they are distributing food to organizations helping those less fortunate.

Wednesday, April 1, Germans Villa will be feeding the Vermilion Police force for a 24 hour period. Germans Villa thanks the Vermillion Police Department for keeping us safe and promoting healthy guidelines during these difficult times.

Tuesday, April 7, Germans Villa will be feeding, in its entirety, Grace's Kitchen (nonprofit) for the second time since this pandemic began. Germans Villa is also offering Grace’s Kitchen gift certificates for those who are unable to make it for the meal being provided on April 7.

Customers can place orders from home by calling (440) 967-1770, and then driving up to the front of the building. Orders will be brought directly to you. Staff members are wearing gloves and protective masks to ensure your safety and the safety of the staff. Safety guidelines are strictly enforced.