Group Displays Thin Blue Line & Thin Red Line Banners Removed From Downtown

The Friends of Harbour Town Inc. has reported the placement of the U.S. flag on the face of its building, and the placement of two additional banners that were removed from downtown to “show support and respect for the police, fire and first responders who serve the community with dignity, honor, and respect towards all who live, work and travel through Vermilion Ohio.”

“We respect our police force and our fire department and all who serve to keep our city safe both at home and abroad,” stated Kenneth M. Baughman, President of Friends of Harbour Town Inc. “To that end, the Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. will display the thin blue line banner and the thin red line banner in front of our property, from Memorial Day through Labor Day every year. We also support all our veterans, past and present, and continue working on new ways to honor them properly. The veteran’s memorial bricks in Exchange Park is but one example of our donor-supported projects. We hope to do more.”

“For the first time in the Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. history, all three executive board members are U.S. Army veterans,” said Baughman. “We will continue to apply what we learned in uniform to support our goals of historical and cultural preservation.”

Baughman thanked Holden Ramos, Josh Hamilton, Brian Novotny, Jacob Frey (at Novotny Farm Market) and Russ & Jody Imars (at Harbourtown Flag, Inc.) for helping with the project.

“They all demonstrate the core value of the Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. motto ‘amici opus unum opus,’ which means friends need to work together,” said Baughman. “We also know mutual respect matters.”

Friends of Harbour Town, Inc. operates through donations from within the community. Donations can be mailed to 1307 State Street, Vermilion Ohio 44089, or dropped off at Novotny Farm Market.

Photo Credit: The Friends of Harbour Town Inc.