Hamman's Bakery Reopening

Hamman's Bakery announces that they have decided to return to normal hours and business operations starting on Tuesday, May 5th at 6 am. The bakery will do everything it can to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for its customers and staff.

“These have been extremely difficult times,” stated Hamman's Bakery owners. “Trying to navigate through all the provided, available information and data is challenging, to say the least. We tried to make the most informed, intelligent decisions on closing when we did, and now with reopening as well. It's not easy to know sometimes if you've done the right thing, or made the right decisions. We can only hope we did, and continue moving forward.

“We're looking forward to once again seeing all of our wonderful customers and are truly excited to be able to serve you all once again! As we all continue to travel these unique and unknown roads together, let's all stay strong, stay healthy and help one another weather this storm. Continue to use common sense and be mindful of others. Thank you again for your continued support and patience!”