Increase In Vehicle Entry Thefts In Vermilion

The City of Vermilion Police Department (VPD) reports the Department has been receiving an increased number of vehicle entry thefts over the past couple weeks. VPD most recently responded to these reported thefts in VOL and The Woodlands Estates. 

VPD advises the best advice is to LOCK YOUR VEHICLES AND HOMES. If you see something suspicious, call the Department immediately. Outdoor lighting is a deterrent. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicles; especially money, electronics and firearms.

If you experience a vehicle entry theft, report it so VPD can track the thefts. And once again, LOCK YOUR VEHICLES. These are crimes of opportunity and reducing opportunity helps reduce crime. These vehicles are not being damaged to gain entry; the suspects are simply opening unsecured doors. 

With the rise in home video surveillance systems throughout the community, the Vermilion Police Department asks that anyone who captures video footage of any suspicious activity, especially in the middle of the night, contact the VPD Detective Bureau with that footage.