Lorain County Metro Parks Needs Your Help

Lorain County Metro Parks is looking for you to share your nature observations in the parks using iNaturalist. iNaturalist is a web based, crowd-sourced citizen science program where you can share your nature findings with the world, seek species identification help, chat with naturalists and contribute to research projects in your local area, and beyond.

It is as easy as taking a photo of a species, uploading it to iNaturalist, doing your best to identify it, and share the park location where you found it. It will then be added to a database of species recorded in the park system that can be used for species indexes, research, locations of invasive species and much more.

Never heard of iNaturalist? To get involved, create a free, iNaturalist account at www.inaturalist.org. Then follow the Lorain County Metro Parks page, and join any one of the park flora and fauna projects under the “Projects” tab.

What can you find in your Lorain County Metro Parks?