Lorain County Now Level 3 On Ohio COVID-19 Alert System

Lorain and Summit counties have been added as a Level 3 on the Ohio COVID-19 alert system. Masks will be mandatory in these counties beginning 6 pm on Friday.

“Lorain County has just been designated a Stage 3, meaning it has a rapidly increased level of COVID-19,” stated Mayor Forthofer. “What does that mean to a dual county community like Vermilion? Today, July 9th...nothing. Though the general trend is definitely troublesome, it is likely these daily stages will change.”

The mayor is advising that Vermilion residents continue to take the most effective precautions: wash your hands, stay distant and wear a mask.

Last week, Governor DeWine announced the creation of Ohio's Public Health Advisory System, which consists of four alert levels that provide Ohioans with guidance as to the severity of COVID-19 spread in the counties in which they live. Each level is calculated based on seven data-driven health indicators.

Those in counties designated as Red Alert Level 3 or Purple Alert Level 4 are required to wear a face covering: 

  • In any indoor location that is not a residence;
  • When outdoors and unable to consistently maintain a distance of six feet or more from individuals who are not members of their household; or
  • While waiting for, riding, driving, or operating public transportation, a taxi, a private car service, or a ride-sharing vehicle.

The order does not apply to children under the age of 10 or any other minor who cannot safely wear a face covering. The order also reflects the mask guidance in place for employees and businesses which does not require a person to wear a mask if their physician advises against it, if wearing a mask is prohibited by federal regulation, if communicating with the hearing impaired, when alone in an office or personal workspace, and other similar measures.

Schools that offer Kindergarten through Grade 12 instruction should follow the guidelines set forth last week by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Health.

The Ohio Department of Health will update county rankings every Thursday. Any county that increases to Red Alert Level 3 will automatically be included in the face-covering mandate. Any county that decreases from Red Alert Level 3 to Orange Alert Level 2 will automatically be released from the face-covering requirement.