Mayor Clarifies NOPEC Is The Energy Aggregator For Vermilion

Mayor Forthofer is reporting that Vermilion residents may have received a letter saying that the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council is the preferred energy supplier of Vermilion. The letter is legitimate, according to the mayor, while residents have the option to opt out if they desire.

“In August of 2019, the City held a public hearing in which NOPEC presented its energy aggregation program,” stated the mayor. “Vermilion Council then passed legislation making NOPEC the preferred provider of electricity to the city. Ohio Edison delivers the electricity as the utility company.”

You can learn more about NOPEC by calling 1-855/667-3201 (24/7) or visiting

According to the mayor, you can opt out of NOPEC before MAY 8, 2020 and choose another provider of your choice.

“The method of opting out is described in the April 17th letter sent to your residence,” said Mayor Forthofer.