Mayor Encourages All Residents In Vermilion To Wear A Mask

At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, July 13, 2020 Mayor Forthofer strongly encouraged everyone in Vermilion to wear a mask.

“This is regardless of what county you live in or color the stage level for your county,” stated the mayor. “Every health commissioner, epidemiologist, and health care professional I talk to says that if everyone wore a mask the transmission of COVID-19 would be dramatically reduced.”

Mayor Forthofer stated it is impractical for a small city to mandate mask wearing since the system for enforcement is not available.

“Mask mandates may effectively be implemented by a State or County order that can be enforced by the health department,” said the mayor.

Regarding masks and the Vermilion Police Department, the mayor clarified:

1) Officers are required to wear a mask when outside of their vehicles unless there are extenuating circumstances.

2) The VPD is not enforcing Lorain County Stage 3 mask orders at this time ... complaints can be referred to the Erie County Health Dept. for guidance.

3) VPD will assist business owners who have someone refusing to leave the premises for not wearing a mask. 

“As of today, I am grateful to report that none of Vermilion’s police or fire first responders have tested positive for COVID-19,” stated the mayor. “Fire and Police Departments have back up plans in place in case the virus reduces their capacity. Life Care Ambulance also has a backup plan in place.”