Mayor Gets Clarification Regarding Lorain County Listed As Level 3 On Ohio COVID-19 Alert System

Mayor Forthofer reports he met with Dave Covall, Health Commissioner for Lorain County, and spoke at length with Peter Schade, Health Commissioner of Erie County, regarding Lorain County being listed as Level 3 on the Ohio COVID-19 Alert System.

Here is what Mayor Forthofer learned regarding the current stage ranking for Lorain County:

1. ALL OF VERMILION is under the management of the Erie County Health Department.

2. Lorain County's Health Department contributes insight regarding special situations such as the Lorain County Stage 3 ranking.

3. Any health commissioner, medical professional or epidemiologist the mayor has talked to says everyone wearing a mask is the single most effective way to slow the virus.

4. All residents of Vermilion, in ANY COUNTY, are strongly encouraged by both health commissioners to wash your hands, stay distant and wear a mask regardless of a current stage ranking for a county.