Mayor Issues Covid-19 Update For Vermilion

Vermilion Mayor Jim Forthofer has issued the following public announcement on COVID-19 policies as the Governor's stay-at-home suggestions become orders on Tuesday April 7.

“The threat to Vermilion is real.

The coronavirus is spreading. It is here in Vermilion. Don't mess with it. It can have a very bad result. That's all I can say for now.

Stay at home

The governor has instructed local governments to enforce his stay-at-home order and social distancing orders. It is proven to make a real difference in slowing the virus. As Vermilion's safety director, I take this seriously, and I know some of you do, too.

Chief Hartung will take appropriate actions to enforce the governor's order. The irony is, the Vermilion Police Department has just been celebrated for its community relations and engagement.

Don't put them in the position of having to break up your gatherings or chase your kids off playground equipment. Be responsible. It won't be forever.

"Essential" businesses 

All Vermilion businesses that are open have been reviewed by the Erie County Health Department and deemed "essential.”

The governor has given the decision regarding the "essential" status to the local health departments. If the definition of "essential" changes, they will let us know. 

Acts of kindness 

The same spirit that creates exceptional volunteerism in Vermilion has extended to exceptional acts of compassion.

Far too many to mention by name, businesses and residents have given free meals, transportation to the disadvantaged, created creative educational methods for the kids, sewn masks, made welfare checks on the elderly and so much more.

Wonderful ideas sent to my office are forwarded to our tireless service organizations who grab the ideas and run. 

Is this a great town or what? Stay at home, stay apart, stay healthy.”

 - Mayor Jim Forthofer