Mayor Reports On High Winds, COVID-19, Lake Levels

Mayor Forthofer reported on the following at the City of Vermilion Council Meeting on November 16, 2020:

High Winds

High winds stretched the resources of our safety and service departments. The Fire Department toned out 21 personnel and every truck in the fleet. The VPD assigned all available resources to the storm and dispatch was flooded. The Service Department had all available personnel and vehicles out for work. The requests ranged from trees down across roads tangled with live wires, to gas lines ripped away from houses and trees against houses. A trampoline apparently became airborne and landed on a transformer causing an outage. Ohio Edison was alerted to each case but was equally as overwhelmed by the sudden number of calls. Some outages remain.The mayor offered his heartfelt thanks to the City employees who responded to the call to address Vermilion's safety issues Sunday.

Health Department COVID-19 Report

The Erie County Health Department has given the mayor COVID-19 numbers for Vermilion. They include both Lorain and Erie Counties.

  • Last spring: 9 – 12 active cases.
  • Last summer: a high of 26 cases.
  • ECHD reported 55 cases four weeks ago.
  • 82 active cases two weeks ago.
  • 136 active cases in the city last week. Includes 29 new cases, 3 hospitalizations, 0 deaths.
  • This week's report is a 65% increase over two weeks ago which was a 49% increase over the two weeks before that.

Governor's Order

The Governor's new retail orders go into effect today. In a walk around of downtown this morning, I noticed most shops have posted on their doors the mask, distancing, and capacity requirements. Residents who feel the need to report violations need not call City Hall or the VPD. The numbers to call can be found on the City of Vermilion Facebook page. Please do not put Vermilion merchants and restaurant owners in danger of losing business. Respect their request to wear a mask and social distance. I have seen people not wearing a mask brush past merchants at the door who were requesting them to wear a mask. They demonstrate the height of selfishness by disrespecting the merchants trying to make a living and the health of the general public. Think of others. Wear a mask.

Lake Levels

With all the focus on virus, we cannot let good news about lake levels go by. While still above average, Lake Erie water levels have dropped since a record setting May. June 2020 was below June 2019. Receding levels are attributed to a lower than average snow falls last season and lower than average rain this past year. While still 29 inches above average it is expected to be 2 - 4 inches below last year's levels for the remainder of 2020.