Neighborhood Hunts Add A Bit Of Fun To Social Distancing

Vermilion residents Kammy Rice and Sara Kuba have created a schedule of neighborhood hunts through April. Now through April 11, Hearts is the theme. Simply put a heart(s) in your window, car window, yard or trees. As families are out getting fresh air and social distancing, they will be looking for your creations.

Going on a walk with your family and getting excited when children find these treasures adds a bit of fun to social distancing. 

April 12 through April 18 the theme will be Eggs and Bunnies. Put an egg and/or stuffed bunny in your window, car window, yard or tree.

The theme for April 19 through April 25 is Chalk Walk. This is a little different. Write and/or draw something creative on your sidewalks or driveway for kids to find.

April 26 through May 2 features a Bear Hunt. Put a bear in your window, car window, yard or tree.

Put up your artwork each Sunday at the start of the week, and leave it up until the following Sunday. Replace it with the next theme.

Families are encouraged to set their own rules, and create their own prizes.