New Business Will Foster Growth Among Area's Entrepreneurs In The Trades

Another business face lift is occurring on Liberty Avenue in Vermilion, Ohio.

"Josh Frederick and Mike Welch attended the December 2, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting," stated Mayor Forthofer. "Both Frederick and Welch are native Vermilionites. They described their plans for a business incubator to support enterprising tradesmen. Their purchased property (west of 346 Liberty) extends from Liberty back to the railroad tracks. They've already razed an old house on the site."

Phase 1 of Tradesmen Park includes grading, utilities, shop space for enterprising and expanding tradesmen and conference space. The Phase 1 building will be 64' x 96'.

"This is another exciting beginning on Liberty," stated the mayor. "The City Administration is enthusiastically supportive of this plan to foster growth among the area's entrepreneurs in the trades."