New Convenience Store/Gas Station Planned For East Liberty

A new convenience store/gas station, recently approved by the City of Vermilion’s Planning Commission, is being planned for East Liberty between the Farm Market and Vintage Crossing by Dave Prince, co-owner of the Great Lakes Startall II truck repair.

“There are no convenience stores or gas stations at the far east end of the East Liberty Corridor...until now,” stated Mayor Forthofer. “The City has been talking to Dave about sidewalks and cleaning up the frontage for over a year. He said he'd do us one better.”

The Planning Commission has approved Prince's plans for a convenience store and a four pump gas station on East Liberty.

“The store will have sandwiches, pizza, beverages and a drive through,” said the mayor. “His truck and trailer repair business will not only continue to operate behind the c-store/gas will expand.”

Mayor Forthofer stated Dave is a salt of the earth nice guy. Born in Birmingham, he graduated from Firelands High School, served in the USMC, is a Vietnam vet, and spent a career driving rigs cross country.

“He told me that this is his retirement business,” said the mayor. “Dave just wants to do right by his neighbors and I believe him. Thank you, Dave Prince, for helping clean up and grow East Liberty!”