New Vermilion Dog Park Would Honor Dick Goddard

At the Vermilion Parks & Recreation Board Meeting on August 18, 2020 Sandy Coe, of the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce, said in discussions she had with Marilou Suszko, of Main Street Vermilion, they would like to propose incorporating a dog park in honor of Dick Goddard that is located somewhere in Vermilion. Mayor Forthofer said the city is okay with this and they would handle the donations through the finance department like how they handled the pool donations.

Parker said he had a brief discussion with Weisenberger about this and there are some potential locations that might work within their parks.

Suszko said because they’re talking about kicking off a fundraising campaign on October 4, they are looking at  about six weeks to get this ready and they need the public to embrace the location and they need ideas on what this park is going to look like. She doesn’t think they need to call in a dog park designer, but suggested getting citizens together to gather the basic components of a dog park which would include fencing, double-gated entry, large/small dog side, and a water source.

She said as the parks board considers a location they need to think about something with at least three acres – not saying they need to fence in three acres, but if you have three acres than you know you have enough room for a two-acre dog park. The dog park in Huron at Osborne Park is three acres, but they do not need this much.  

Holmes said the last time he was at Sherod Park he noticed a water source at the old baseball diamond near where the dugouts use to be. He said it is a big open space and they may be concerned with fencing the area near the lake. 

Suszko asked if they should wait to hear from Parker regarding who on the parks board will join them in looking at the site. Parker said Tony Valerius and Marc Weisenberger should be involved and he and Scholtz are willing to be a part of this as well.

Parker said he will get with Marilou to set up a meeting.