Parent Center To Open This Spring At Ritter

Parents of children with special needs will find valuable information plus training and the chance to network with others at a new resource center set to open this spring in the children’s department at Ritter Public Library.

The center is being funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Education won by Melissa Wagner, career and transition specialist at Vermilion High School, and Karen Blackburn, director of pupil services. They are working with Bethany Schmitkons, head of Ritter’s youth services department, and Director Joy Walk on a plan for furniture, bookshelves, and a bulletin board and materials, as well as programs, training and more.

“We wanted to have the center at the library so that it will be available in the evenings and on weekends too,” Wagner said. “The materials - books, magazines and flyers - will be available for people to check out through the library.”

She said parents will have a place to get together and learn about assistance available through the school, county and state for students with disabilities. Plans also include a book club that school personnel will kick off, with the goal of moving to parent-directed book studies in the future.