Progress Continues In Vermilion, Despite Pandemic

Progress continues in Vermilion, Ohio, despite the pandemic, according to Mayor Forthofer.

Both residential and commercial building permits are up over the last 12 months in the City of Vermilion. Residential permits are up 12% and commercial permits are up 6%.

“Work on downtown buildings, Shoreline Village Apartments, George's Roofing and several others are under construction as we speak,” stated the mayor. “All deemed essential.”

The mayor assured that all health precautions are being observed.

The downtown corner property at Liberty Avenue and West River Road has been undergoing demolition in preparation for a total inside/outside rehab.

“The owner has been talking with me about an idea for an upscale modern convenience store for a long time,” said the mayor. “I think it’s an idea that fits our town perfectly. While looking for just the right partner, the store is good news for that section of town. Stay tuned for a major improvement.”

Residential construction continues on Liberty Avenue across from the Farm Market and Vintage Crossing.

“Shoreline Village Apartments are under construction,” stated Mayor Forthofer. “This latest residential project in Vermilion will create about 50 new units. I get frequent inquiries about apartment availability in Vermilion.”

Site preparation has also begun for the Vermilion Fire Department's new $4 million Fire House #1.

“Remember, it is funded by the taxes you've paid into the Fire Capital Fund over the decades, and a 20 year bond,” said the mayor. “Money is not drawn from current operating.”

In addition to construction projects, Vermilion is beginning to bloom despite the pandemic.

“The inexhaustible members of Vermilion In Bloom have begun creating their magic downtown,” said the mayor. “A properly masked Dana Corogin and Diane Martin plant the flower boxes around City Hall. Thank you VIB for the beauty that makes downtown Vermilion famous and reminds us that we have something to look forward to.”