Sheriff's Office Issues Statement

The Erie County Sheriff's Office has issued the following statement regarding changes to operations due to the coronavirus pandemic:

As with everyone in the community, we are making adjustments to our operation as needed in an attempt to do what we can to reduce the possibility of spreading the Coronavirus while still providing vital and necessary services and information. We would ask you to be aware of the following information:

1) If you have general questions or concerns about the Coronavirus, please do not call 911. Answers to your general Coronavirus questions or concerns should be directed to the hotline that has been established by the Erie County Health Department. That telephone number is 419-626-5623, extension 284. If you have an emergency—including a medical emergency—dial 911 and assistance will immediately be dispatched to you as always.

2) If you call to report a property crime to the Sheriff’s Office, in all likelihood the report will be taken over the phone and you will receive a call back from a Deputy Sheriff to obtain the report information. We are still responding in person to investigate traffic crashes, violent crimes, and any other reported situation that would require a personal response.

3) Access to the lobby at the Sheriff’s Office is being greatly limited. We are still issuing concealed handgun licenses and are still conducting fingerprinting for purposes of criminal background checks in certain circumstances. If you have a question about these services, please call 419-625-7951, extension 6256, and an Administrative Assistant will assist you. Sex offenders are required to report for registration purposes as required by law, and will continue to be expected to do so.  

More changes could occur as this situation continues to rapidly evolve. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we all continue to work through this together.