Sheriffs Office Says Facebook Post Is Fabricated

The Lorain County Sheriffs Office has been informed about a Facebook post that indicated that Law Enforcement and the Red Cross have informed residents about subjects who are going door to door in Lorain County and are conducting home test for the Covid-19 ( Coronavirus). The post indicated that once the subject(s) are in the residence they “rob”, the homeowner.

The Sheriffs Office has not received any complaints of subject(s) going door to door, nor have they informed the public of such events. The Sheriffs Office reached out to the Red Cross and they also have not received any complaints or informed the public of such events.

The post appears to be fabricated and unfortunately shared throughout private citizens and facebook administrators for some of the townships in Lorain County.

Unfortunately, some tend to prey upon others in these unprecedented times. We encourage citizens to remain vigilant and certainly call the Lorain County Dispatch center for any suspicious activity.