Vermilion Ohio News #Business

Macey Butchko performs live at Route 6 Pub in downtown Vermilion, Ohio on Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 7 pm to 10 pm. Route 6 Pub is located at 5561 Liberty Avenue in Vermilion, Ohio. For more information, call (440) 963-7144.

Shore Nutrition is throwing a party on January 20, 2020 to celebrate all of the new additions to the club and releasing a new flavor. A new, revised menu offers many new options. The Vermilion business offers a local hangout with delicious, healthy shakes, energy teas, good people and good vibes. The reopening event will feature music, samples and giveaways all day.

he Pavilion Grill & Tavern, in downtown Vermilion, will celebrate a bar grand opening on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Pavilion Grill & Tavern will now serve beer, wine and liquor. The Pavilion Grill opened in June, 2019 at the site of the old Simple Pleasures at 5542 Liberty Avenue when Joe Jesko and Jeremy Crawford expanded their operations.

Welcome Wagon is now in Vermilion, Ohio...connecting new homeowners with local businesses and professionals. Vickie Dyke is the new Community Marketing Executive in Vermilion Ohio. Welcome Wagon was founded in 1928 by an insightful marketing man in Memphis, Tennessee, Thomas Briggs. Mr. Briggs was inspired by stories of early Conestoga “welcome wagons” that would meet and greet westward travelers.

Why buy local? By choosing local and independent businesses, you not only enjoy a more personal experience, you help: The casual encounters you enjoy at neighborhood–scale businesses and the public spaces around them build relationships and community cohesiveness. They’re the ultimate social networking sites! Each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns 3 times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain.

The Vermilion Business Connection is a monthly meeting of local business owners, restaurateurs and retail merchants in Vermilion, Ohio. Open to everyone, the venue changes every month so you have a chance to meet other business owners. For up-to-date information on meetings, hosts and locations, join the Vermilion Business Connection Facebook. For more information, call Main Street Vermilion at (440) 963-0772.

The “green ripple” effect of buying local, like the local multiplier effect, can yield multiple rounds of benefit. Local independent businesses — especially restaurants and retailers — typically carry a greater portion of locally-produced goods and use more local inputs, meaning less fuel consumption is required to keep the business running and shelves stocked.

Moes Marine Service, Inc. has announced that Buyer's Fair is now The Boathouse at Moes Marine. This 15,000 sq ft space will be a wood boat showroom, as well as boat storage. Lyman Life is also coming to the former Buyers Fair space in downtown Vermilion, Ohio. The front section of the building will be a retail store offering Lyman Life genuine licensed apparel.

Miss Kitti’s Bakery has opened in Vermilion, Ohio at 3249 Liberty Avenue. The building formerly housed Small Town Sweets. Miss Kitti’s Bakery offers baked goods including walnut rolls, poppyseed rolls, fruit rolls, cookies, cheesecake, and more. The bakery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.

Buyer’s Fair is closing. Located in downtown Vermilion at 5359 Liberty Avenue, the unique store has offered fashionable brand name clothing, shoes, jewelry and boating items since 1961. The family has made the decision to retire. This business has been a fixture in Vermilion for many years and we all wish them well.

Susan Hennie and Dean Brainard, owners of the Blind Perch tavern and grill at 3700 Liberty Avenue in Vermilion, have announced the business is closing, effective immediately. Brainard is recovering from cancer treatments and his recovery is the highest priority at this time. Blind Perch will consider catering for businesses.

Are you thinking about starting a business? Do you have a business you do on the side? Looking for a networking group? Are you trying to grow your business? Then the Women Business Owners Network of Lorain County is for you! Women Business Owners Network of Lorain County, Ohio.