Vermilion Ohio News #City

At the Legislative Committee Meeting Of January 13, 2020, Monica Stark, Chairwoman, addressed drone draft legislation that Clerk Fisher provided City Council. After review of this legislation, she felt the FAA regulations cover the city’s concerns. “I do not feel the city needs to proceed with additional legislation at this time,” said Stark. Steve Herron, President of Council, agreed and felt sometimes the best law is the one that doesn’t get passed.

At the Legislative Committee Meeting Of January 13, 2020, Monica Stark, Chairwoman, addressed an email from Councilwoman Barb Brady that suggested wording changes on the definition of a food truck. As she reviewed what they currently have in place, she felt they are totally covered. She felt Council worked hard on getting the wording in place, and felt it is good wording. She asked Council if they felt differently.

At the Finance Committee Meeting of January 13, 2020, Amy Hendricks, Finance Director, distributed to City Council a Revenue Budget Worksheet and Fund Details for period ending December 2019. She explained they are collecting final long-range planning and capital expenses they made need in various departments so they can incorporate them into the final version of the budget. “The Fund Details spreadsheet indicates year beginning cash".

At the Utilities Committee Meeting of January 13, 2020, Chris Howard, City Engineer, reported on the decommissioned water tower anchor bolt inspection. Howard reported that he received an inspection report from Dixon Engineering, and it was provided to Council for review. In summary, the water tower currently has 36 anchor bolts that are in poor condition. The original anchor bolt diameter was 1.750 inches, while the measured values at the corroded.

At the Legislative Committee Meeting Of January 13, 2020, Monica Stark, Chairwoman, stated the Administration brought amendments in 2019 for City Council to consider regarding Ordinance 2019-67 (Sweepstakes Cafes). The amendments would increase the fee of each computerized device license to $37.00 per device, per month, and increase the fee of a replacement license to $20.00.

At the Health & Safety Committee Meeting Of January 13, 2020, Chief Hartung reported the training schedules are in place for his department, so officers will be receiving First Aid/CPR/AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator) training in March. In addition, Range Fire will be a full week in May, but they’re waiting on a date confirmation.

The City of Vermilion has secured an ice breaking service for the 2020 season. The current high water levels make timely ice breaking essential to protect the residents and property along the Vermilion River. “Our usual icebreaker, South Shore Dredge, did not submit a bid this season. They are usually our only bidder,” stated Mayor Jim Forthofer.

Mayor Forthofer reports that better cell phone reception is on the way for Vermilion's east end. "We are working with Verizon engineers who are being very proactive in making improvements to cell reception in Vermilion's 'dead zone'," stated the mayor. "As micro cells from City Hall to VFD Station 2 are activated, you should start seeing improved reception."

Mayor Forthofer reports that the construction taking place on the south side of Liberty Avenue on the east end of Vermilion is a lager gas line installation. “The construction activity on the south side of Liberty around Defense Soap/German's Villa is the Gas Company,” stated the mayor. “This is a good sign of Vermilion's eastern development.”

The City of Vermilion Police Department is warning Vermilion, Ohio citizens of a new, local gift card scam. Vermilion St. Mary’s is NOT requesting anyone to purchase gift cards for one of their members. If you receive a text message or call, do not respond back. If you have donated a gift card (not to the church office directly), call the City Of Vermilion Police station at (440) 967-6116.

At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, January 6, 2020, Mayor Forthofer provided reports on the Mapleview Ditch, Dead Cell Zone Progress, the City's IT, Fire House 1, Defense Soap, Joint Health Care Committee, Labor Negotiations, and Tom Pesek. Mapleview Ditch: December 10th.

At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, January 6, 2020, Tony Valerius, Service Director, advised Vermilion citizens that Columbia Gas is replacing the gas main on Liberty Avenue near the Hazelwood intersection. Their work has required the closure of one of the eastbound lanes.