Vermilion City Hall Closing Due To COVID-19

To preserve the City Hall staff's ability to serve the public, Vermilion City Hall will be closed to the public beginning Monday, November 2, according to Mayor Forthofer.

“COVID-19 has impacted the City Administration,” stated the mayor. “To avoid services to the public from being completely compromised I have decided to disperse the departments to home work until further notice. Bills can still be paid, building permits can still be issued, your complaints can still be registered.”

City departments can be contacted by email for service:

  • Building Department:
  • Utilities Department:
  • Services Department:
  • Finance Department:

Utility bills can still be paid online, through auto-deduct, postal mail or the drop box in front of City Hall. 

“Public risk factors will determine a re-open date,” stated Mayor Forthofer. “Our goal is to insure services are available to the residents. Be careful! Please wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands.”