Vermilion Community Pool Will Not Open In 2020

On May 19, 2020 the City of Vermilion Pool Subcommittee of the Parks and Recreation Board recommended that Valleyview Pool not open in 2020. The Parks Board unanimously accepted the subcommittee's recommendation.

“I also accept the recommendation,” stated Mayor Forthofer.

“It is with great sadness that I need to let all of you know that the Vermilion Community Pool will not be opening this year,” stated Bob Cunicella, Pool Manager. “Through a variety of factors, the Parks Board did not feel we could run a clean, antiseptic pool, especially given the City’s economic issues. You have my heartfelt apologies. Please let your children know that we will miss them.”

After lengthy study over the past months, the subcommittee cited three reasons for their recommendation:

1.The demanding sanitation and distancing protocols.

2. The liability of patrons or staff contracting COVID-19.

3. The financial losses associated with the mandated reduced attendance and increased expenses for personnel and material associated with sanitation and distancing enforcement.

“It was also noted that the pool experience under these restrictions would not be appealing to residents,” said the mayor.

The Parks Board and Pool Subcommittee will turn their efforts to studying the long term future of the City pool.