Vermilion Ohio Kayak Trail

A water trail along the Vermilion River, Black River and Lake Erie makes kayaking and canoeing accessible and user-friendly. The trail provides a unique paddling experience in that it offers both river and open water travel along the lakeshore. Users can paddle portions of both the Vermilion and Black rivers and a connecting section of waterway along the Lake Erie shoreline. The trail map is available online or through Lorain County Metroparks.  Call (440) 967-7310.

Also called a blueway, the trail is a designated 27 miles of waterway along the Vermilion and Black rivers and Lake Erie. It is a gateway between the civilized and natural realms, a place where individuals can enjoy all the beauty and excitement that nature has to offer in a safe and fun environment. The trail starts at Mill Hollow in the Vermilion River Reservation, 51211 North Ridge Road in Vermilion, goes up to Lake Erie, follows along the lake-shore for 11 miles, and then heads down the French Creek and Black River. The trail features markers denoting miles traveled, places to launch and areas of interest.

Never before have the county’s waterways been so easy to utilize. And because the different segments of the Water-Trail are so diversified (it’s the only state designated water trail to combine rivers and open water) the fun is open to all different ages and experience levels. And it’s the perfect complement for the Back Roads and Beaches Bike and Multi-Sport Route. With little planning or effort, that day-long bike trip you’ve been planning can turn into weekend-long multi-sport adventure.

The Vermilion-Lorain Water Trail is free.

Access Points

  •     Vermilion River Reservation
  •     Lakeview Park
  •     Black River Reservation
  •     City of Vermilion South Street Boat Launch
  •     City of Vermilion Showse Park
  •     City of Lorain Port Authority Lakeside Landing Park
  •     City of Lorain Port Authority Black River Wharf Boat Launch

The Lorain-Vermilion Water Trail is a partnership between the Lorain County Metro Parks, the City of Lorain, City of Vermilion, Lorain Port Authority, Vermilion Port Authority, Vermilion Shores, Beaver Park Marina, and the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft and Division of Wildlife.