Vermilion Police Department Enforcing Spot Corrections, Temporary Backup Dispatch Center Set Up

During the Health & Safety Committee Meeting on April 13, 2020, Police Chief Hartung said if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Director of Health’s order on whether a business or individual is essential or not they should call 1-567-867-3243. He said it’s important for the community to understand that the Erie County Health Department is responsible for all Vermilion residents, even if it’s on the Lorain County side of the city.

He said the department will be enforcing spot corrections. Additionally, a temporary backup dispatch center has now been set up at the old Channel Two Studio to mirror existing operations.

Chief Hartung reported that his officers are equipped with gloves, protective gear, and N95 respirators and protocols have been put in place if there has been exposure from the units. Housing will be made available if a 14-day quarantine needs to be put in place. He conveyed that it’s important to stay the course and to continue to observe self-quarantine orders.

Barb Brady asked if the City has closed the Skate Park because kids have been jumping the fence. Chief Hartung said the Skate Park has been closed and they have had people jumping the fence.

Steve Herron said he’s received questions from citizens asking who they should contact when they see a situation when people are not abiding with the social distancing orders. Should they contact the police department, or should they call the Department of Health. Chief Hartung said they should contact the Department of Health at the number he provided earlier in the meeting. The Health Department will triage those calls and they determine enforcement. They’re the primary enforcement, but the VPD will assist if needed.