Vermilion’s Defense Soap Products Effective In Killing Coronavirus

“Vermilion's own Defense Soap is swamped with orders for its COVID-19 fighting products,” states Vermilion Mayor James Forthofer. “Owner Guy Sako is balancing his move to his new Liberty Avenue HQ with fulfilling orders for their anti virus tablets.”

“It’s almost a humanitarian issue,” Sako stated.

At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, March 16, 2020, Mayor Forthofer stated that the City's newest corporate neighbor, Defense Soap, would receive its Certificate of Occupancy to move into its new Vermilion location this week. However, owner Guy Sako stated that the EPA has recommended their tablets as effective in killing the coronavirus.

“I have seen the EPA certification,” stated the mayor. “Mr. Sako said their orders are up 8,000%.”

Sako is prioritizing fulfillment of these orders as a humanitarian obligation, and their move to Vermilion may have to be postponed until next week.

“Nice to hear a local business can contribute to the fight against this virus,” said Mayor Forthofer.