Vermilion’s Share-A-Ride Continues To Operate

According to Sandusky Transit Administrative Manager Tonya Beier, Vermilion’s Share-A-Ride continues to operate.

“All rides on STS are now free to aid in the safety of our drivers and the public,” stated Beier. “There have been no service changes in Vermilion.”

“As to social distancing - riders should not sit next to each other to maintain distance. Of course, on dial-a-ride, the driver may have to get close to a rider in order to secure a wheelchair or assist the client, but our buses are being disinfected and our drivers are using all safety precautions,” said Beier.

Share-A-Ride provides accessible and affordable transportation for the general public that improves the quality of life by providing access to health care, shopping, employment and recreational services in the Vermilion area. Share-A-Ride offers scheduled, personalized transportation for all Vermilion residents, curb-to-curb transportation with the capability to provide door-to-door assistance on request and significantly reduced rates for seniors and persons with disabilities.

To schedule, call 855-612-5176. You must schedule in advance of the day you need transportation.