Vermilion School District Hires Second Resource Officer

The Vermilion Local School District has hired Benjamin Sargent as a second school resource officer, joining Brian Beckwith. Sargent lives in Vermilion and was a patrol deputy for the Erie County Sheriff’s Office for six years. He also has an early education degree. His wife, Sarah, is a teacher at Vermilion High School.

Sargent was chosen from top candidates by Superintendent Phil Pempin and Mayor Jim Forthofer. He will work primarily at Sailorway Middle School, while Beckwith will work at Vermilion High School. Their shifts will be staggered to provide an on duty officer during morning arrivals and afternoon departures.

In November Vermilion voters narrowly approved a Vermilion Local School District tax for the purpose of providing for school safety and security. The rate is not to exceed 0.68 mill for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to $0.068 for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for 5 years, commencing in 2018, first due in calendar year 2019. In Erie County 2,119 (50.84%) residents voted for the levy. 2,049 (49.16%) voted against the levy. In Lorain County 932 (50.16%) voted for the levy. 926 (49.84%) voted against the levy.

Sargent will be sworn in on August 8, 2019. He will work with Beckwith to familiarize himself with the schools before school begins in September.