Village Of Marblehead Ohio

Incorporated in 1891 and embraced by the rocky limestone coast of the great Lake Erie, Marblehead is a thriving small town characteristic of true Americana. We are rich in history with a strong, diverse Eastern European culture. Our picturesque setting, friendly people, quaint shops and restful nature beckons travelers seeking to escape the chaos of big cities and bright lights.

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Village of Marblehead Ohio

513 W Main Street, Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio 43440

Phone: (419) 798-9229

Marblehead is within the Lake Erie Shores & Islands tourism area. Lake Erie Shores & Islands is the Midwest's hottest, most exciting vacation destination.

Discover Marblehead Ohio: A parade down Main Street; A lighthouse that still guides sailors; Endless blue water caressing the shore; Festivals and events; The rarest daisies in the world; Unique shops, service businesses and gracious innkeepers; Museums and historic sites; Shaded streets, fresh flowers and carefully kept cottages; Home-cooked food in charming restaurants; and such good neighbors - just like we all remember!

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter...We welcome you to Marblehead for a leisurely visit or for a lifetime!

Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the area offers all the calm and relaxation of a coastal vacation as well as many exciting and diverse amusements to please the whole family.  From amusement parks, to museums, to watersports, to natural areas and more - everyone will find a great reason to...Explore the Shore Next Door!