Why Vermilion Road Completion Was Delayed

At the Vermilion City Council Meeting on Monday, August 3, 2020, Mayor Forthofer explained the delay in completion of Vermilion Road.

“The road was scheduled to be done last Friday, July 31,” stated the mayor. “However, Service Director Valerius and City Engineer Howard were informed that a last amount of asphalt did not meet specifications. A supplier suggested ‘let it go’ as it was already installed and see how the surface worked out. The completion date would have been met. To their credit, Mr. Valerius and Howard chose to miss the completion date to grind off the problematic asphalt and get the project right. I think those who lived through the Edgewater problems resulting from letting problem surfaces go will agree with me that this was the right supervisory choice. My congratulations to Valerius and Howard for watching out for the taxpayers' interests.”

Service Director Valerius reiterated that there was an issue with some of the asphalt on Vermilion Road. He explained when they started to pave the surface coat last Monday, they were informed the batch didn't meet ODOT specifications, so they stopped immediately and they determined it would be best for the city to grind it down and replace it. This delay put the schedule back a little bit and the plan is to have the street open Wednesday afternoon.

“The berm is laid, and they are finishing up minor details with the ditches, and the pavement markings will be done Wednesday morning and they should be able to remove the barricades and open the road by Wednesday afternoon,” said Service Director Valerius.