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Located at the corner of Main Street (Rt. 60)
and Liberty Avenue (Rt. 6)
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Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Boards & Commissions

Planning Commission

A person must go to the Planning Commission for:

  •     Zoning Certificate - site plans for commercial/industrial uses and/or buildings: New = $1500 Deposit; Existing = $500 Deposit
  •     Sidewalks/Off-Street Parking/Signs: Site Plan Deposit applies
  •     Major Subdivisions involving more that two lots: See COV1242.07
  •     Deed Splits (two lots or fewer)/Lot Consolidation when new Survey is involved: $350
  •     Rezoning: $250 Non-Refundable plus $1500 Deposit 
  •     [PUD] Planned Unit Development: See COV1270.20
  •     Hardship Legislation: $500
  •     Wireless Communication Facility: See COV1275
  •     Street Vacation (amends Zoning Map): $250 Non-Refundable plus $1500 Deposit

Applications are available at the Building Department.

The board typically meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Complex on Decatur Street. The deadline to apply is at least ten (10) working days prior to that date.

The applicant must submit ten (10) copies of the following:

  •     A completed application
  •     Architectural drawings, maps or plat maps or any other required documentation

Board of Zoning Appeals

Application & Filing Fees:

  •     $100.00 Residential Application
  •     $150.00 Commercial Application
  •     Fee is doubled for after-the-fact applications.
  •     Fees are non-refundable.

If your proposed project does not meet the code requirements (examples: setbacks and/or size requirements) and your application for a building permit is denied you have the right to apply to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance. 

Applications are available at the Building Department. Applications and all related information (listed below) must be returned to the Building Department no later than the first day of each month to be considered at that month's meeting. Eight copies of each document are required. A variance sign showing the meeting date is posted by the Inspector. The Board typically meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the Municipal Court Complex on Decatur Street. The applicant or designated representative must be present at the meeting.

Eight copies of each of the following documents are required:

  •     A completed application.
  •     A survey plot/plan drawn to scale and showing the location of all buildings or structures on their property in relationship to the property lines. All measurements must be accurate.

Historic Design & Review Board

If you live in the Historic District of the city you must appear before this board for approval of any exterior changes prior to a building permit being issued. The Historic District consists of all properties located from the south side of South Street north to the lake and from West River Road to one house west of Jefferson Street.

This board meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Municipal Court Complex on Decatur Street. No permits may be issued until applicant receives approval from the board.  Applications are available at and must be returned to the Building Department ten working days prior to the meeting date.  Applications and all related information must be complete. Six copies of each are required.  There is no charge to submit this application.

Civil Service Commission

The commission provides by rule for ascertainment of merit and fitness as the basis for appointment and promotion in the classified service of the Municipality, as required by the constitution of the State of Ohio and for appeals from the action of the Mayor in any case of transfer, reduction or removal, and the action of the Commission on any such appeal shall be final except as otherwise provided by law. The Commission keeps a record of its proceedings and examinations, which are open to public inspection.

City Parks And Recreation Board

The Board works to improve parks, playgrounds or other recreation facilities in the City of Vermilion.  The Board makes recommendations to the Director of Public Service for the maintenance of the parks, playgrounds, playfields, gymnasiums, public beaches and swimming pools.

Cable Television Board

Responsible for advising Council and the Mayor as to the following matters:

  •     The performance of the cable television franchisee;
  •     Renewal or replacement of agreements with the cable television franchisee;
  •     The quality of cable programming; and
  •     Suggestions for utilizing the City's three access cable television channels.

The Board also has the duty and responsibility to direct operations of the local community access channel in the following matters:

  •     Evaluate and recommend future equipment purchases, within the funding provided by Council for studio operations;
  •     Evaluate studio operations and maintenance and make recommendations to Council as deemed necessary;
  •     Act as liaison to facilitate joint efforts to encourage the schools' access with the local access channel;
  •     Annually review the performance of any employee or contractor performing work or providing services for local access programming and/or operations and forward a written report to the Mayor.  More frequent reviews may be conducted.
  •     Assist in planning of programming to attract a broad spectrum of viewing and involvement of community groups and individuals.