Vermilion Health Dept

The City Health Department operates through the Erie County Department of Health.

Erie County Health District
420 Superior Street, Sandusky, OH  44870

Mission Statement

"It shall be the purpose, function and goal of the Erie County General Health District to identify and plan the most effective use of health services available, to plan and implement programs and to provide needed services and resources for the prevention of illness, promotion of health and the improvement of health status within the health district."

Board of Health

The Erie County Board of Health members are appointed by the Sandusky City Commission and the Erie County District Advisory Council. The Board of Health in turn appoints the Health Commissioner. The purpose of the Erie County Board of Health is to: define the organization's purpose by establishing a clear statement of mission; define specific needs to be addressed and target populations to be served; evaluate the accomplishments of the program plan; hire the executive officer (Health Commissioner); take a lead in the development of financial resources; and represent the public interest.

District Advisory Council

The purpose of the District Advisory Council is to elect its officers, appoint members to the Erie County Board of Health, receive and consider the annual or special report of the Erie County Health Department and make recommendations to the Erie County General Health District in regard to matters for the betterment of health and sanitation within the District, or for needed legislation. The District Advisory Council membership consists of the President of the Erie County Board of Commissioners, the chief executive of each municipal corporation not constituting a city health district (mayors of cities and villages), and the chairperson of board of township trustees of each township in the Erie County General Health District of their designated representatives.

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